ModelPTC Knowledge Base

Website Design

ModelPTC is built on a framework that provides the site owner the
essential tools and building blocks to build a powerful membership site.
If you go to
you will see the core components of the latest version of the LFMTE script.
Now you know the foundation of ModelPTC. A traffic exchange script that is easily customized
for all kinds of possibilities. When you become a member of ModelPTC you will have access to
more information about our design and customization service. In fact, you may not need a full version of our membership script.
We can offer a scaled down version or we can build and host a content page for you that
that does not use a membership script at all. Contact us via the Ask Admin option once you login your free account.

We also offer a chat support site. Use the following site link to contact FJWI live support. No need to create an account. The chat room is open to the world so be polite and respectful. Look at it as a central point of contact. From there we can establish a private connection.
Chat Support
Now about acquiring a license to the full version of this script for $97.00
You will need to complete a payment of $97.00 to FJ World Inc (FJWI) to receive a link to complete your lifetime license registration.
As a license reseller, FJWI will not sell below $97.00
The Traffic Exchange Script owner does have a special promotion infrequently and they usually only run for a few days.
The promo price is usually for $47 but FJWI will not sell at this price. FJWI is a value added reseller so paying the $97 for the script is still a great price to get started when you consider the support we provide.
Once your payment to FJWI is confirmed we will send you our referral link so you can get started in configurating
your own online membership business.
The Traffic Exchange Script is used by thousands
of business owners. Some owners have very little knowledge on configuring, administering or coding
customization required to meet the needs of their business. That is where ModelPTC is able to offer
a needed service.

Again, as mentioned above, you may not need a full traffic exchange script version for building a membership site or getting your online business started. Use our chat support or the the AskAdmin support link to discuss your online needs.
If your ready to get started with an LFMTE Latest Full Version Script, please use the following payment service. We will use your payment email to send you the license registration link.

LFMTE Script - Latest Version $97.00


Content Hosting

Content hosting can be a complete turnkey business application or as small as hosting a few images
and a one page website.
Our parent company has the resources to meet a wide scope of hosting services.
If we cannot handle the need we are well connected with companies that can handle almost any need


Script Customization

This is an area that can save you a lot of work and can generate greater return on your time.
We are continuously working on improving and adding new capabilities to the core components of the LFMTE script.
You may already have an LFMTE site but would like improvements.
Maybe your site is not an LFMTE site but you are interested in improvements to your online presentation.
We can handle a large scope of work that may involve html, css, php, mysql or a full suite of Creative Cloud applications.



Our traffic exchange and membership script is ideally suited for adverting.
You can advertise to members of your site or you can connect with our network of sites.
We can provide access to many networks of advertising services all over the world.
Advertising can be very focused and targeted to specific groups or we can help you
explore new markets as part of an overall marketing strategy.



Online marketing is about leveraging web-based channels to spread a message about your
company’s brand, products, or services to potential customers.
We can help you with analytics and tracking so you know what converts and what is a waste of time.


Complete Turnkey Enterprise

Our turnkey offering may be a sale of an existing site, a rental service of an existing site
or a fully built and customized online business just for you.
You can try before you buy.
You can start small and grow as need be.
We love to learn and share so we welcome you to contact us to discuss your needs and ideas.